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Nails…beauty and risks!

I know not all women do their nails but they still take care of those nails (except for bitten nails).

There are several nail shapes: the basic shapes are almond, oval, pointed, round, square, square oval, square with rounded corners, and straight with a rounded tip.

Most want to have nice but durable nails. That’s why some women put gel, acrylic or even porcelain on their nails. I love to see that beautiful nails that “eye-catching ” .

Yes we want that nails to be perfect and beautiful .

These nails are pure art, not all of them have that talent in the correct application of the gel,acryl….

Nail painting can take a long time and through exercise it becomes simple and easy to apply.

Technical nails aren’t a substitute for natural nails, they are just an extension. There are two main ways to create artificial nails: with the help of tips or with the help of shapes. The tips are made of carved plastic in the shape of the nail.

Very important, in the process of making technical nails, is the preparation of the natural nail. The cuticle should be peeled off the nail, carefully pushed to the root and if it is too large it can be cut. The nail polish should be polished with a finer file. After the dust is removed, the nail must be treated with the three preparation solutions: nail prep, primer and bond.

Artificial nails can easily hide certain defects and imperfections of natural nails by helping to repair broken, damaged or short nails. It helps prevent the cuticle, natural nails or even can help the wearer to give up this tick. They are often used by people who are not able to grow their own nails as they want for various reasons.

However, technical nails aren’t without risks. Residues from acrylic are known to lead to redness, pain, swelling and even severe allergic reactions. The nail can separate from the nail bed and if the root of the nail deteriorates, the newly grown nail can be deformed, often having bumps on its surface. These effects generally disappear, but over several months. Nail glue is also harmful if accidentally inhaled. Improper technical nail care can also lead to the formation of various nail fungus. In most cases the problems arise due to the technician or inadequate techniques and working methods.

So be careful!

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Be sad its dangerous?

No, being sad is not dangerous. Not to be confused with depression which is a different feeling.

We have a lot of emotion but the most painful its the “sadness” . I know the feeling ,if you are sad, try to “scream,cry or listen music” ,yup that sound stupid for you but trust me that work.

You know sadness isolates a person from the rest, that person being focused only on the reason that caused the state of sadness. He considers things and people around him worthless, not paying attention to them. People must appreciate sadness in order to then enjoy… happiness. Accepting sadness is indeed an important part of overcoming it and returning to a normal frame of mind.

Don’t believe, like many, that by showing your sadness you reveal your weaknesses. Far from it! By showing others that you are sad, you may gain from them the empathy you need to get through a difficult time. So don’t hide when you’re sad. Sometimes people have difficulty understanding their own sadness and reacting appropriately. This is also because they sometimes believe the myth that being sad is dangerous.

Many works of art have been inspired by pain, sadness, loss, such as many of the works of great artists such as Van Gogh, Virginia Woolf or Frida Kahlo. So don’t be afraid to be sad ,most of people are sad and they can do everything they want!

What are you doing with your sadness? What are the good parts of sadness that you identify with in your life?

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“Some people say that art is a product or item that is made with the intention of stimulating the human senses as well as the human mind, spirit and soul. An artwork is normally judged by how much impact it has on people, the number of people who can relate to it, and how much they appreciate it. Some people also get inspired.”

Artists may feel a certain emotion and wish to express it by creating something that means something to them. Most of the art created in this case is made for the artist rather than an audience. Most of the people judge an artist ,that art work make other people feel a lot of emotions.

People think that art belongs to the person who made it. They think that the artist put his or her “talent” and industry into the art. In this view, the art is the property of the artist, protected by copyright.

Art is often examined through the interaction of the principles and elements of art. The principles of art include movement, unity, harmony, variety, balance, contrast, proportion and pattern. The elements include texture, form, space, shape, color, value and line. Is shaped by the materials, techniques, and forms it makes use of, as well as the ideas and feelings it creates in its viewers . Art is an act of expressing feelings, thoughts, and observations.

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”- Pablo Picasso

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Internet…a cancer of humanity?

Everyone have this question in his mind but do you really think the internet is good?

We can find out in a second what is happening on the other side of the world. We keep in touch with our loved ones due to the multitude of applications that use the internet connection. We socialize, we make friends, we share moments and moments in our lives due to social networks, we develop our business in terms of the fact that we can open online stores, we shop online internet and the list goes on.
If we use the Internet as an educational environment we have the chance to gain extensive knowledge about technology, and it would be an information and learning environment for both students and teachers and would use us as a tool of the system.

Search engines are very useful, whether they are students who can find a lot of information needed for their courses. We all know that “on Google” we find almost anything: essays, online books, college courses, projects, whether it’s another category of people. Everyone finds information about what interests them. Articles and newspapers online, news… we can follow the weather if we want to plan our vacation. We find ideas and opinions of other users about the products we want to buy, and we can get an idea of what we are going to buy. We find forums with information, tips related to health and beauty.

But in addition to all these positive aspects, there are also negative parts that few people take seriously.

The bad side of the Internet is the ease with which it can cause harm: from gaming addiction, to fans obsessed with the lives of others, to bullying, abuse, promiscuity, and sexual predators. Therefore, parental controls and restrictions are extremely important if you allow your child to explore the Internet.

We live in an age where all women are beautiful and all women are sexy is embraced as the Supreme Self. But it is absolutely okay for women to be what they want, as long as they are healthy, clean and well-groomed. Maybe not all women want to be sexy for all men, and young women who become ardent admirers of these channels are usually girls who express ubiquitous feelings of inadequacy and struggle to accept themselves in front of unattainable beauty standards.

We have a lot of objects that can hurt us(I mean a lot of people want to be his idol), I know a lot of people think the internet is very important in their life.

With all the positive changes it has brought, the digital revolution has done much harm. Companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook have destroyed thousands of middle-class jobs and contributed to social and economic inequalities around the globe. They raised serious issues regarding mass surveillance and the right to privacy. And they made us unhappier, more lonely and more envious than ever.

But that’s not so bad. These ads, even if they are a little sinister, are harmless. The most terrible is the work done by surveillance companies such as Palantir, which sift huge amounts of information and package them individually for each client. They know everything, absolutely everything about our lives.

We may not yet be able to say much about how psychologically good or bad the Internet directions we use are for us psychologically, but at least we have begun to ask the right questions.

“Don’t believe everything you read on the internet just because there’s a picture with a quote next to it.” – Abraham Lincoln

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Should be more confident?

Yes! We should be more confident. Doesn’t matter how you look, what color you have or what type a person you are.

I know a lot of people discriminate the black people but have you ever see the beauty about that color ? A girl that is black says “Girls just don’t talk with me just because I’m black” .

Talk to yourself and be more focused in you, you be more positive.

Face your fear ” Think about your worst fear. Spend time with it. Now make your fear worse by getting closer to it. Imagine the worst that could happen. Now focus on your breathing. Feel your body relax. See, you didn’t die, did you? You’re on your way to conquering your fear.”

Confident people believe in themselves and have a positive mindset. People lack confidence feel insecure about themselves and their decisions. Remember you’re smart and don’t let people make you feel bad.

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Best korean make up!

Women these days are very conscious of the skin by taking care of their skin a lot for this purpose want high quality skincare and makeup products with proven ingredients is poor quality one may caused serious damage to the skin realising this career has provided them an amazing solution with Korean cosmetic brands.

Each product is gentle enough for those with sensitive skin, and when used altogether, these products work well together and can help bring that inner glow out, finally. 

In 2015 South Korea exported more than 2.64 billion dollars of cosmetic goods compared to around 1.91 billion dollars in 2014 some of the most popular products used in Korean duty a blemish balm BB creams colour correction CC creams serums essences ampoules seaweed face masks and scrubs , Korean beauty products containing gredients not commonly found in Western products such as snail extract in 2011 BB cream which was previously only found in career hit the shelves in America and by 2014 the US market for BB cream was around 164 million dollars.

In 2020 a lot of people in Korea use make up and the skin care is the number 1. Multi-step skincare routines reinforce the notion that our skin, the largest organ of the body should be treated with much respect and a lot of care, the skin glow and it’s smoother .

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The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton